DualBrothers: Recombination Detection Software


DualBrothers is a recombination detection software based on the dual Multiple Change-Point (MCP) model. This model allows for changes in topology and evolutionary rates across sites in a multiple sequence alignment. We use Bayesian approach together with an MCMC sampling to simulate from the posterior distribution of the dual MCP model parameters. Please, see details of model specification and sampling algorithm in References below.


Version 1.1 is availble. New options are added:
top_breaks: 1 = update, 0 = do not update (default: 1). Excludes topology break-points from the model.
par_breaks: 1 = update, 0 = do not update (default: 1). Excludes substition change-points from the model.
tree_file: file name with trees in Newick format. At least 3 trees are required!
Example of a tree file:


Installation Instructions

  1. You'll need a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) in order to run DualBrothers. You can download it as a part of Java Runtime Environment (JRE) at http://java.com/en/download/manual.jsp.
  2. Get Colt libraries for scientific computing at the Colt web-page, Copy the colt.jar file to some directory
  3. Download *.tar.gz file. Unzip and untar it:
    gunzip *.tar.gz
    tar -xvf *.tar
    Place the *.jar file into a designated directory, let's say
  4. You need to let "java" know where the external libraries reside. There are several ways of doing it. Here are two of them:
  5. Run DualBrothers with the following command
    java DualChange <seed> <command file name> <data file> <output file name>
    if you set your CLASSPATH

Alternative implementation


Supplementary information


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