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Research Interests

My group's research interests focus on biomathematical and biostatistical approaches to computational statistics, analyzing stochastic processes in molecular sequence data, longitudinal modeling of biomedical processes, and examining the patient-physician relationship.


  1. Massive parallelization in computational statistics through graphics processing units (GPUs)
  2. Bayesian model selection in phylogenetics
  3. Bayesian phylogeography
  4. Recombination detection
  5. Simultaneous inference of alignment and phylogeny
  6. Hierarchical phylogenetic models for intrahost viral evolution
  7. Statistical frameworks for testing hypotheses of genomic evolution
  8. Hierarchical state-space models for hormonal time-series
  9. Statistical tests for supra-diurnal association between hormones
  10. Physicians' knowledge and attitudes towards genetic testing
  11. Physicians' knowledge of toxicology

UCLA Educational Programs

  1. Department of Biomathematics PhD Program
  2. Bioinformatics Interdepartmental PhD Program
  3. Computational & Systems Biology Undergraduate Program